St Mary’s Church occupies a prominent site on Watford High Street. It is an ancient and architecturally interesting building, some parts of it dating back to around 1230, with several extensions built and refurbishments completed since then. Today there is also an adjoining Church Centre, constructed in the late 1970s, which provides accommodation for some of our church activities.

For a more detailed description of the history of St Mary’s, its Bells, Tower and Organ, please click here.

A book of memorials of the men of St Mary’s who gave their lives in the First World War is available here.


Church Refurbishment 2018-19

The main church building was refurbished between January 2018 and April 2019. The first service in the ‘new’ church was a celebration of Holy Communion on the morning of Sunday 7th April 2019.

This was the first major change to the interior of the church for 170 years. We now have an open, flexible space which can be used for many different forms of worship and will be a new venue for community events. We very much hope that, for example, music, dance and drama groups will wish to take advantage of the church’s excellent acoustics.

The changes have included:

* Removing the fixed pews in the nave

* Taking up the floor, installing an under-floor heating system, and laying a new stone floor

* Installing a flexible, highly efficient lighting system based on modern

* Installation of glazed screens at the ends of the nave

* Enhancing the audio-visual facilities and providing wi-fi throughout the building

* Enlarging the dais and creating in the Chancel a space suited to smaller services and providing more room for musicians and other performers

* Unifying the floor levels at the east end and so ensuring that all parts of the church are accessible for people with limited mobility

* Provision of refreshment facilities at the west end

* Complete redecoration.

The ‘new’ church will be fully suited to the needs and opportunities of the 21st century. It will serve the congregation of St Mary’s and the people of Watford for many years – perhaps even for 170 years.

These improvements will have cost around £1m, which has been raised through the generosity of past and present church members, grants from foundations and charities, and the sale of a house owned by the church. We give thanks to God for the way in which he has enabled this money to be provided.

Why not come and see the new church for yourself?